Western Australian Distributor of
Hi Form Supplements Harry's Choice and Johnsons Natural Formula Feeds

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Welcome to the Equine Advantage Website

Equine Avantage is the Exclusive Western Australian Distributor for Hi Form Australia Supplements, Harry's Choice feeds and Johnson's Natural Formula feeds.

Hi Form Australia PL is an independent, Australian company that has developed a range of formulas utilising the best of science and nature for Australian horses.  We select human grade ingredients including organic herbal extracts, wild crafted herbs, top quality amino acids, vitamins and mineral tissue salts.  We select tissue salts instead of standard minerals as they are provide micro doses and allow balancing of diets more successfully, without the need for high dose rates.  The formulas contain no fillers, binding agents, preservatives, colours or flavours and are produced in a HACCP certified facility, where our formulas are the only animal supplement they make, among some of Australia’s leading human supplements.  We source our ingredients to enhance the synergistic formulas and to ensure that our dose rates are low, cost low and success high.  Our range of formulas include daily balancing supplements right through to a patented formula that assists wound healing and muscle and joint health.  Due to the high quality, stringent manufacturing and incredible success rate of the formulas over 26 years, we export our supplements to over 4 countries and sponsor International Dressage superstar Steffen Peters who is currently Number 7 in the world.  We don’t cut corners and we demand perfection in our ingredients.  The results of this obsession speak for themselves.  Premium ingredients for premium results.

From the paddock to the feed shed, Harrys Choice is a unique, high quality feed formulated using the latest cutting-edge research and ingredient technology available. Hi Form Australia, one of Australia’s most advanced, successful and reliable equine supplement companies has joined forces with Northern Valley Stockfeeds to produce the best viable feed options for the ongoing health and well-being of your horse in their Organic Certified Mill. Harrys Choice contains a high roughage content which is exceptionally important for the horse’s gut health and longevity. Harry’s Choice and Hi Form Australia offer the horse owner the opportunity to meet their horse’s daily requirements in exact measures.

Along with all the benefits of being a fibre based feed, the Johnson’s Natural Formula range is well balanced, simple to use, economical and effective. Natural, better ingredients for naturally healthier horses.

With three pellet presses now in operation, all using premium Australian grown ingredients, now with double conditioning, the process is more efficient than ever and the pellet quality is second to none.

Quality is assured with Feedsafe accreditation and  staff testing pellets every hour, recording data to ensure consistency in the premium products that the Johnson’s brand is renowned for.

If you want the best nutrition for your equine friend please contact me on 0418 368 673 or email [email protected] for advice and product purchase. There is also the PetArk Dog and Cat range for your other family members. So don't hesitate, call today and let the results speak for themselves, you won't be disappointed.